Monday, April 20, 2009

Psychic Landscapes Forever!

I am Friendly.
I am Full of Energy.
I am Patient.

These are the affirmations which I'll be saying to myself a million times a day, everyday until mid next month. Apparently that's how long it will take for my brain to reprogramme itself into actually believing these things subconciously.

And while looking on the mind and the psyche -

It occurred to me thisafternoon while listening to some old "Metric" albums, just how much the landscape of my mind has been shifted and reconstructed over the years. Listening to this music from another time brings back vague memories of a mind that was drastically different to the one I posess today. Looking at maps of the two minds, it would take a very skilled reader indeed, to realise that they belong to one and the same person in different points in time.

Whole mountains have been rearranged, flattened and formed. Oceans have dried up and been created elsewhere. Magical monuments have been raised and erased and the stars themselves have grown larger and dissappeared.

It's all part of my personal natural evolution I guess. And there's no better or worse, but I like where I am now, just like I liked where I was then. We're always where we need to be, and where we need to get to is always waiting ahead of us.

The thought immediately sprung into my mind that if only I could hear Metric's new album, I would get where I'd need to move to. Me and these silly thoughts.

*scribbles down the new album title to download tonight*


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