Thursday, January 29, 2009


One of the articles in the West today said - “Tough economic conditions are tipped to hurt beef and lamb sales this year as shoppers opt for cheaper meat such as chicken, according to new industry forecasts.”.

Cycles in what’s popular are always going to happen, and they could have just as easily have said “Chicken Sales due to profit!”, or something else just as up beat.

Just goes to show how a lot of what’s going around might have a much more positive spin to it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Many Men.

I'm weary, so I will be brief.

Today I was a loving father, a kind lover and a casual youth on a short wall by the bus stop.

On the bus I listened to words of knowledge of I learnt, and gained wisdom and insight.

After the bus into town I became a lesser being but still laughed and past time nonetheless.

Once on the journey home and at home, I applied what I'd learnt in the morning.

Tonight I benefited from that learning. I laughed, I danced, I kissed, and I loved.
I was a friend, a best friend, a lover and a father.

And just now I've read another text, and in has poured more insight.

I am growing.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I can't really be bothered writing a great deal as I've had a long day, I'm mentally tired and just don't have the inclination to spend any serious amount of effort on anything other than setting my guilt at bay for not blogging, and then floating my way over to bed where I'm certain that sleep will take me quickly.

I was writing a comment to Leigh which had the sound of a decent blog, and the thought of missing the opportunity to create at least the semblance of a blog out of a bit of simple cut and paste action was too horrible to bear.

Before I do action that however, I will pose a question. Why is it that we seem to get most emotional, sensitive and thought possessed in the very last moments of our day?

Is it that it's taken us the whole day until then to completely wake up and be ready for those things?

Or do you think it's the inspiration of the darkness outside, or the romantic reflected light from the moon that does it for us?

Me personally, I think it's that we're so darn tired at the end of a day from thinking about what we need to do or who we need to please. I think in a subtle but effective fit of exhausted rage we simply swipe clean that metaphorical desk in our minds and are left only with that which we can never truly detach ourselves - our feelings and deepest, 'most important' thoughts.

I've been listening to a podcast recently which I've been quite impressed with. It took me a while to get over the cheesy title which I won't embarrass myself here by naming, but it really does have a mammoth pile of pearly wisdoms. Most of it is of that obvious kind where when you hear it it rings true instantly, because really you always knew it all along, but amongst your habits and 'things you need to do', you forgot to consider it.

I've found it's often these things that you 'forget' to consider that can have the greatest impact on your life when you do in fact consider them. And I don't really think we ever actually forget to consider them, I think that really we're just frightened of the effort that will be required to action the changes we know we just need to make to our lives before we drown and suffocate in a life of our uninspired creation.


Anyway. Here's the excerpt.

"Fair enough. And will you be doing a personal stock take in these first weeks of the new and exciting year Leigh?

I've been well. Enjoying the buckets of rest and thinking about the near future (being this year) in a vague sort of way that suggests some kind of internal subconscious laziness, fear or lack of enthusiasm for really figuring it out. Is this the disease of our age that I can feel the vibe and effects of so much when I look around?

But hey, on a second to second, minute to minute, day to day kind of level I'm actually really quite pleased.

The cats are lovely and I've been to the beach a few times these past few weeks which has been lovely too.

You should really come over sometime. Do you get on the road much weeknights?"


And you know really, I'm quite proud of myself. College must have taught me something because there wasn't once spelling error in that entire thing.