Sunday, April 12, 2009

Adventures and Exploits.

I won't be drinking for the rest of the month;
Or smoking, or eating bad food, or doing anything that's bad for my body.

I was just sitting in the park on the East Perth foreshore trying to still the pool of buzzing thoughts in my mind. As I soaked into the place around me, and the world, and 'evertything', and likewise let 'everything' soak into me, I found that I've ill treated this gift I have to live in. This frame that my soul resides in that allows me to experience the world.

And I've not experienced the world as fully as I might have. From hence forth I'll be more daring and more bold in my adventures; I won't say 'no' to opportunity so much. And these adventures won't just be scaling mountains and diving deep oceans - they'll be exploring the depths of the souls and hearts of others, and appreciating more fully the relationships I'm offered by others. And I'm very lucky to have a guru in this matter, my 'fountain-of-love' Jessie.

And in her also I hope to have a partner in my other adventures and explorations of the physical world.

I've always had a great appreciation for the realms of the mind and of thought - the worlds of curiosity and contemplation. From this appreciation I feel a strong and sudden urge to read more. Starting with finishing my current book - Tales from a Thousand and One Nights.

I've decided to write essays or reflections on everything I read. These may tie into the other blog I'm starting where I'll reflect on love.

But another adventure awaits me now and I can feel it's impatience pulling. Time to take a stroll with my mistress ;)

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