Friday, November 21, 2008

The Missing Link Festival - Worries or Joys?

As has become a daily ritual, I spare more than a few moments worrying about the day we've been planning.

Will it work?
Will people come?
Will it be a 'success'!?

But it's success won't be purely a measure of large crowds and a sold out show. It'll be in the attitude and vibe of the day.

Be happy.
Be jubilent.
Be celebratory and gay.
Share an enthusiasm and appreciation for all things artistic, and it shall be - "A Success".


An Afternoon

Sitting on my bed at 4.11pm, I'm thinking about the productivity of my day.
At a glance I feel as though it's not been very.

But I woke in the arms of a loved one, with another loved one curled around my head, and another one by my feet.

I lazed and dressed, and walked to breakfast as 12, Tomato and feta on toast with black coffee.
Relatively healthy, filling, and fueling.

I stopped at the Asian deli and bought some Mee Goreng, and stopped at the record store and decided to begin a search for a record player.

We went for ice cream at Rifo's and ran jubulently home through the rain. Laughing, yelling, singing and relishing in fleeting touches.

I had some kisses and listened to some lovely music. I got some more music.

I lazed some more with the kittens and watched the latter half of I am Sam.

and now it's 4.15pm and I feel relaxed. Perhaps a little restless.

My batteries are recharging and my soul is easing in the saddle of my life, readjusting and recalculating.

A shower and some serious "Doll up" time is on the cards me think. For tonight after all, is another night.

Love x

Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Post

|| He wakes up and takes one quick look. And he goes back to sleep. ||

Darling, something's just not sitting right. Not quite so right.

Is it exhaustion?
Is it being under pressure?
Is it the weight of responsibility?

Is it, is it, is it.
What is it?

A slight heaviness of the eyelids, and an unrelenting feeling that sleep will make it all better. For a while now it's been this way. Has it been day, or weeks? Has it been months..?

It's a scunched up piece of paper in the back corner of your mind that's got a pull to it. It draws you and whispers to you, but you think if you unfold it it might scream.

You think. You try to think and a reason eludes you.

You follow reason and say to yourself and the world, "I'm okay". And then you don't think about it too much because we all know that thinking about something makes it more real. And who wants this to be real?

But what is it?

Let me tell you a story.

I'm a really happy guy. I'm stable, have a happy family consisting of a devoted, loving, beautiful girl and two happy cat-kids. We're pretty happy, you know?

I've got a stable job that brings in the bacon. I can pay the bills and go out on Friday's, and on Monday I get back to sluggin' it. I'm smart, I learn quick and things tend to go my way. No worries.

I'm pretty social. I talk to people in a happy friendly way. I compliment them and they don't much mind me. Not too bad ei?

But they don't call to see how I am. They don't invite me out or ask me over for tea. They don't care much really. It's to the point that I couldn't put a name to any of them.

My work is hard. It's draining and damn hard.

And that girl and those cat-kids I told you about? I drag on them too. I fail to deliver and I fail to succeed. I don't give them the timeor attention they deserve