Friday, November 27, 2009

Everything New

We're moving office over the weekend, and this afternoon I stole a sneak peak at our new home away from home. Cleaner, brighter, more spacious and full of the excitement which always come along with anything 'new'.

That excitement stayed with me for over an hour after I'd left the scene, it fed me and nourished me, and gave me new vigor. Suddenly I look forward to going into the office on Monday, much like I had when this was a 'new' job. I'm full of that feeling of infatuation you get as you get to know something, or someone new.

If only we could maintain that excitement and enthusiasm, always. Imagine how much more productive we'd be! Imagine how much 'happier' we might be in our relationships?

But then there's the age old wisdom - would she sheen seem less shiny if there was never anything dull? Would the brightness seem less splendid if there was never any darkness?

Perhaps we need these rips and lulls, these highs and lows, these yings and yangs.
In fact I'm sure we do.

They add colour to our lives and are what enable us to 'feel'. The boredom associated with adventures tried and tried is what inspires new adventures. The quiet that follows new lust is what allows for deeper connection. The depression in our lives - months, days and hours - is what forces new growth.

But all that said, I can't help but imagine a world where everything is exciting and 'new' - even if it isn't new. Imagine every bright hello you could offer and receive, as if meeting for the first time - full of possibility and opportunity.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pack and Go.

I think there’s no option but for me to move to Costa Rica and work remotely from a beach bungalow. Turns out it’ll only cost $6000 a year to live there, and I figure if I make that $10,000 I’ll be able to live lavishly.

I wonder if Allison would let me work from there remotely? =)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

All Yours, All Mine.

The more I think about these puppet strings I often speak of, the more I realise, they're always there, we're always there, and nothing much changes.

When you think about it, and even when you don't think about it,
the freedom is breathtaking isn't it?

The freedom to do whatever on earth it is we want to do?
And pretty soon whatever off earth we wish to do too.

You may say we can't do anything, that sometimes you need money or time or 'more freedom'.

You're free to create those things.

Anything your heart desires...
well - to be frank - the resources are there for you to take those things.
But you may have to create them first.

Fun Times.
Good Times.
Good Clothes.
Good Music.
Good Theatre.
A Clean Conscience.
A Healthy, Beautiful Body.

It's all there. Right now. And it's all yours.

& it's all mine ;)

*Takes a step into the future*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


And so he threw on some Arctic Monkeys and danced through the room like an ape on an asteroid. Down the ailses, between the desks, over the chairs and under the fluros.

Then he screamed and screamed as he danced that crazy dance,
and money - oh how it started to pour - from every pore in that old crinkly ceiling.

Not a care, not a worry, everything that money can buy,
could be bought with these pockets full of cash.

Thank the Gods, with their incest and debauchery,
a life of unrestrained decadence awaits.

Lots of Laughs.

And so sitting in his place, he wondered why it is that he runs in this mouse wheel? His pace has slowed over these days, as these thoughts have worn at his legs.

Then he blinked and the world opened up before him, colourful green pastures and deep blue oceans, fun in every sparkle.

He remembered.

Life is a dream, a game, a dance, a show.
Dream, play, dance and act I will. The strings are yours to pull as you will.

Where do I want to go?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Life is most certainly like an onion Sir. Yes - layers upon layers of constructed meaning - everywhere my eyes wander. Things could be simpler. Things are simpler.

Sometimes I forget everything and just float in my thoughtless observations. But how thoughtless can they be? Are not the things I see and hear and smell and taste and feel all 'thoughts' in that they're processed by my mind? What difference then is there between these seemingly 'simple' 'thoughts' and the more complex thoughts involved in the layers?

And even if there were a difference, would not these 'thoughtless observations' always have the potential to become infinitly more complex, as I zoom and zoom and zoom in on the scene?

And see? We've made another few layers of mess.

*shakes his head furtively*

So I forever take comfort in something a dear friend just told me once - in a moment of 'black-hole-ed-ness' -

"Why not just be happy now"?

And I do believe, yes I do believe that it was also a good friend of he who once imparted that wisdom on him! And so I do believe, yes I do believe that it's my god-given duty to pass that wisdom on.

So for all you online-readers, you cyber-thought-collectors and information gathers - here is my GREAT WISDOM.

Be Happy.

With all your might, be happy. Enjoy.
It's simple. It's to the point. Nothing at all complicated.
It's power is in its simplicity. Don't cloud it up. It's pure, distilled, 100% god-speak.

Oh, and it's nothing new. I dare not even attempt take credit for the creation of this idea. If even any of us may take credit for creating anything.

Bob Marley said it in his song - Don't worry be happy.
The Wombats said it in their song - "This could all go so wrong, but we're so happy!!".
In his melancholy song, Scott Weiland said it - "I'll believe anything, it's a beautiful day!".
John Keats said it in his poem - "Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know".

Be happy for the gift of life and vision you have. I use the term vision here broadly - refering to all you sense around you... and in you. This world. This gift. This beauty.

Be happy.
Dance often.
Sing often.
Smile often.
Laugh often.
Do good often.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Walking in the sun, a leisurly pace well in hand, I wonder -

Who could want more than a crisp shirt on their skin and a gentle breeze to feel on their face?

Who? :)

It seems my life is a luxury. every little thing it is a little luxury.

God I love lifes little luxuries.


Sunday, November 1, 2009


Listening to this album is a little bit inspiring. The melodies are simply quite... playful. And as I feel the music I can't help but feel a little playful myself.

I've often thought my life might be a little more lovely if I would simply play more. Life's a game after all, and we're just playing - aren't we? Let's get a little less serious and a little more wonderful.

And besides, this all reminds me of a similar feeling I felt after seeing these girls -

It's a wonderful feeling - being encouraged to be loud, vocal, primal and instinctual. I guess it's a stretching of your boundaries. A night of debauchary where you completely release the constraints of everyday acceptable behaviour - then the next day, you might just feel a little looser - a little less constrained and a little more free and open in your actions.

I think I need a good dance. Can't wait to be better!