Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mauritians Can Climb.

To further prove that Mauritians are the best climbers there are, here's a picture of me and fellow Mauritian, Vincent Manera, outside the Central Park Tower which we had just conquered as part of today's Step Up For MS.

Nothing soothes the soul like physical activity, and to boot - the view at the top was awe inspiring. From the distant hills to Perth's nearby islands, the whole of this world was laid at our feet.

Like Vinnie said in reflection of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead - It was all by the efforts of our brave young selves, and the minds and efforts and the people who mastered the forces of nature to build the thing in the first place.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My girlfriend showed me this great site a couple of days ago and it's really something special. It's such a quick and easy way to get music for your mood, and the quality of music they serve is spectacular.

Thanks Stereomood!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Singing of Love

And every day at breakfast, they come singing of their love -

How many dudes you know, got the thrills to go,
have cats that meow like thiis?
Not many, if any.

The Golden Boys

I've never professed to being a Photoshop expert, or in this case a Paint expert - so please forgive the image.

These fine young gentleman you see before you, are a brotherhood of friends recently coined as The Golden Boys. I'm not sure where the title came from, but I heard on the weekend for the first time, and I've been told it's due the 'wholesome' activities we undertake together.

From rock climbing, to kite flying, to coffee dates, to discussing big ideas - we're young men, each determined to be the best men we can be in our own ways.

I really appreciate their company, their stories, their energy and their ideals - and for 3 of them, I even appreciate their swinging dance moves! ;)

I look forward to seeing how each of us grows and where we all end up. Who knows, the troupe may even grow as times goes by.

May the bro-mance continue!

Monday, May 24, 2010

How to talk to audiences in seminars.

I just did the aforementioned presentation for Communications In Business 100. It turns out the key is to brief your key audience members as to the desired responses before you get up ;)

On a slightly more serious note - it went really well. Much better than last week's presentation for Entrepreneurship 300. That presentation wasn't quite a failure, but more of a lesson to infuse more passion and excitement into presentations.

Lesson learnt.


In a couple of hours I'm giving a speech on corporate social responsibility as part of my university course. I'm planning to draw some inspiration from the famous speeches of Russell Crowe and Francisco d'Anconia. ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Forge an Empire.

Some people say that there's a lack of inspiring people in their lives.
If that's the case, inspiration may only be a bookstore away.

With information as easily available as it is today - there's no limit to what we can do, if we decide to do it.

I've decided to learn all I can about business, new enterprise, accounting and business management. Eventually I will pair with a marketing genius and a technical genius, and together we will forge an empire.

Ode to Her

She's perfect in every way.

Placed on this earth to frolic, flutter and fury -
she delights, involves and tests everyone she meets.

A fountain of love,
with boundless curiosity -
a living work of art to behold.

She'll challenge your thoughts,
she'll clean out your ideals to the essentials.

It was to worship, balance and be firm for her,
that the gentleman was evolved.

It was because of her and for her, that I evolve.

To delight in our difference,
to celebrate in our lives.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


The three of us - eager, young and engaged.
The old woman across the way - eager, young (at heart) and engaged.
The children and families watching - eager, young and engaged.

With every swoop, dip, and soaring of that kite,
our hearts and minds flew with it.

The world was being enjoyed :)

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings were made for Count Basie, cats in laps, and epic rockclimbing adventures. ;)

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Explosions in the Sky

Today my friend gave me an awesome birthday present. It was the record "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place" by Explosions in the Sky - and it's magnificent.

It's such an uplifting, emotion provoking and inspiring album. I can see it nurturing many great thoughts and ideas, and setting the backdrop to many wonderful creations.

I am alive. I am Godlike. I create, everyday. This life is mine.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mount Franklin

I just had a drink from my bottle of Mount Franklin.
I must say - it was basically like making love under a waterfall,
so sensual. So pure.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sharing the Climb

I went climbing with a new friend last night.
I've been climbing with him for about a month and I've never enjoyed climbing so much!

The thrill of the climb, the challenge -
they're amazing.

But the wonder at sharing that joy,
with someone who appreciates striving and achievement just as much as you -
it's wonderful.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Norwegian Inspiration

I went to a study date with my group partner for Entepreneurship 300 yesterday. He's from Norway and the more I think on it, the more impressed I am with their house and their lifestyle.

The house

Everything is meticulously purposeful.

Considering it's a hosue of 5 guys, it's really very clean.

There's at least 2 palm trees in every room,
there's also a desk, a bed, and a wardrobe.

In the kitchen, there's neat stacks of staples on ever shelf -
tuna, beans, eggs, protein powder, juice, cereal, fruit,
everything a growing man needs.

There's neat tables, chairs and sofas,
just where you need them.

Looking into the backyard, there's a well made, home built tropical bar,
with even a blackboard to post what's available when they have parties.
In true entrepreneurial spirit there's a money box too, so you can pay for what you take.

Then a little further on into the yard,
you'll see a proud well made, home built sign pronouncing - "Gold's Gym".
And under it is a collection of any and all the gym equipment you could want to build a Godlike physique.

The lifestyle
Forget about the surfing, entrepreneurial parties, exercise and socialising -
they had me at the word 'sailing'.

All in all it was pretty inspiring.
Here's to the life ahead!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sexy Control

There's nothing as ugly as a victim.


There's nothing as sexy as someone in control -
someone who's in control of their choices,
someone who owns their decisions,
and someone who relishes in life's opportunities for growth.

"If you don't grow, you perish"(1).
With this gift of life, I intend to grow.
"Born with wings"(2)? I intend to fly.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Best Moments

I only spend at most - 30 seconds with these guys each day,
yet they give some of the best moments of my morning :)

Thanks Jessie!


This short post is largely inspired I think, by "Stranger than fiction" which I just watched, by an actual novel I flicked through while browsing through Oxford Street Books in Leederville today - "Ethics", a book discussing the ideas of Aristotle, and then also by "Atlas Shrugged".


The book I was flicking through today talked about this universal idea of Nature and God and brought them together as being basically the same thing described by two different models.

In the same way as we describe ourselves as having a mind and body.

All these things can be reconciled if we agree that we are as we are,
we live in the world in which we live and we can do as we please.

So it pleases me to be happy,
and I'm happier doing things which are congruent with my values,
which does not include lazing about watching TV.

- and I openly acknowledge (but should probably remember more, day to day) that my values aren't by any means absolute in their righteousness.

And so I've decided that regardless of what my inertia may suggest, tomorrow morning -
at 5.30am I will get up, turn off my alarm, wash my face and brush my teeth,
and then with the zeal of a clown on a tiny bike - I'll go off to the gym with a smile.
And later that day, I'll spend copious amounts of time, enjoying studying.

Because being physically healthy and fit,
looking good according to the standards I adhere to,
and living the adventure of adventurous production,
make me joyous. More honestly joyous than I've ever been before.

And in doing so I create self worth and honor which I can then trade to make me even happier.
I can trade it in the form of money for goods,
or I can trade it in the form of the value of a good character, which I can trade for good society.


Monday, May 3, 2010

For what you want.

i am alive.
i am conscious.
i have choice.
i have limited time.
i have unlimited options.

there is only time for what you want.