Monday, April 27, 2009


I don't know whether it was the weekend getaway, or the rhythmic swing dancing this evening, or just the pure physical exertion of the dancing - but I feel at peace. I feel calm and steady. I feel that whatever outside influences might try to creep under my skin or break my bubble of contentment, that they will fail.

It was probably a combination of all those 3 possibilities which brought me here; those and my month's affirmations. Affirmations have given me focus as well as a feeling of constant improvement - a feeling or a condition that I always crave.

My Affirmations:

1. I am friendly

2. I am patient

3. and I am
full of energy.

And above all of that, right now I'm steady. That's the best way I can think of to describe this. It's like my 'self' is giving off constant and strong vibrations, in tune with my affirmations and in tune with who or how I am choosing to be.

So many thoughts are coming to me.

~ "When I was young I did what I felt like, now I do what I choose", Author unknown.

~ In Swing and in dancing, as the man or the lead you need to know where you're going so your partner can follow. Be strong in your lead and in where you're going, be confident. Lessons from Shane at Swing It.

~ "The superior man must have freedom, presence, and purpose" - David Deida in The Way of the Superior Man.

I feel that I am choosing how I will act, and thus who I will be. I may feel the same old choking feeling in my throat when something someone does bothers me, or if someone doesn't act the way I wish they would, but I don't act on that as I might usually. I stop. I breathe. I relax and focus on what I want to be and how I want to act. I choose.

By choosing, I am leading. I am taking myself and those around me in the direction that I wish to go. As opposed to letting situations spiral, directed my unfocused passion and giving in to my emotions. Instead of being their slave, I focus their energy into my direction.

By choosing, I give myself freedom. And by choosing to live by and to vibrate around my affirmations and core wishes, I have presence. Or at least I think I give off that image. I feel it, that is certain.

I feel good, and positive. But now I should end for tonight. There are other things I want to do ;)

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