Saturday, June 5, 2010


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Friday, June 4, 2010

And I Havn't Even Cracked It Open Yet

I bought this book - "Think Big And Kick Ass" - a few weeks ago and now that I've finished Atlas Shrugged I thought now was a timely opportunity to get started on it.

I went to read it this evening though and Trump's grilling face on the front cover inspired/intimidated/FORCED me to spend the last two hours on Accounting revision for university instead!

Inspiring ei? And I havn't even cracked it open yet! ;)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The End!

I finished reading Atlas Shrugged at 2am last night, which for me, is saying something. Towards the end it was so gripping, so unstoppable, that it drew me effortlessly past my bedtime of 10pm.

It was a great adventure, with interesting and unforgettable themes. I'm sure it will continue to effect me for the rest of my days.

Men who are Gods of creation, love, and life.
Men who have values, integrity and truth as their foundations.

A world of traders, trading value for value, and striving for a life or greater and greater experience, and greater and greater joy.

It's magic really :)

Have a Coke.

I'm a big advocate of drinking water. A really big advocate. It makes me tingle with joy and the feel of smooth as silk water trickling down my aching throat.

But the faster paced my days, and the more alert I need to be, the more I appreciate a nice refreshing Coke in the morning. People may say it's bad and full and chemicals and what not, but a Diet Coke a day seems to keep me sharp. Thanks Coke ;)