Monday, April 6, 2009

More Goals

7 minutes left on lunch so I thought I'd make a quick post. I just came accross a really cool website - It's got some pretty versatile tools on there which seem just as useful in personal situations as in business.

One of the things that came up yet again was goals, and it suggested I try having a main goal for different areas of life, so here's my try.

Attitude - Keep positive, friendly, calm and broadminded.
Career - Start and own a cafe by 2016.
Education - Get my BA Commerce by the end of 2012. Get a PhD in something by 2022. Love learning.
Family - Be supportive, loving and fun. Be married by end of 2013. Have kids by 2018.
Financial - Be earning 100k/year by 2015. Have a residual income of $100/week by then too.
Physical - Do a social physicall activity once a week, every week - such as rock climbing or dancing. Also - get and keep a six pack, which will mean the rest of me isn't flabby either.
Pleasure - Have an adventure at least once a month, anything from hiking to holidaying. Also - meet friends for 'something' every week.

I know I fail in some of those areas sometimes, but I'm succeeding more and more. It's all a journey I guess..

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