Monday, December 14, 2009


And the mist remained, as always, like the seers said they would.
He waited on that solitary cliff like his forebears before him,
looking with wild hope upon the ocean, for that blinding vision which would seal his fate forever.

And all the while the creatures and mysteries of his world writhed at his feet,
desperate for his attention, desperate for his love, desperate to love him.
But he couldn't turn away from that wild hope upon the sea.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dance dance

Every now and then a haze falls over your thoughts and your spirit starts a solo slow dance on the dancefloor of your brain. All the cells in your body know what's going on and it's only a matter of time...

Laughter Yoga

After a solemn meeting of the subscriptions department, we herded ourselves into the small meeting room to do what needed to be done. Stood in an uneven circle, looking uneasily at one another, no one was sure what to expect, what to do...

Then out of the air between us there sprung laughter. Full, coloured, heart renching laughter! And so we laughted and we laughted and I can't tell you who laughted first but we all laughed to the last.

And as suddenly as it all began, we were marching back through to our desks, reserved as ever. On my way I caught the eye of one of the girls, and saw something there that wasn't there before.

It seems spirits are drawn to laughter.

Monday, December 7, 2009


When happiness fades, when life fades, when passions fade and when light fades -
All you really need is a bit of drama.

Shake it up. Talk it up. Act it up.
Make it extravagent and don't forget the sweeping tones and massive gestures.

, and all with a musical flow ;)


Running through the undergrowth, excitement filled his heart,
lush leaves speeding by, batting his face and urging him on,
and then Space... -

Clear, blue, open space!

Rushing air! A leaping heart! A sudden drop!

The icy water welcomed him at once, in playful swirls,
his arms moved and slid through the swirls,
playing back, and returning the welcome.

Steadying his mind he took in the scene.
There she lay,graceful,
on the bouldered shore.

She too welcomed him, with that smile, with those luscious lips.
Radiant beauty, soft muscles, smooth tan skin, all welcoming him home.

And together they played - he, her, and the water.

A bit of nothing.

I've sat here for the best part of 5 minutes thinking over what to write. My mind keeps leaning towards complaining about being a slave to this and that and about building my own prison etc etc - but I can't. I can't go into that vivid description of despair, because I think I've trained my heart simply not to believe in such a place.

The world is full of sun, and of wonder, and of delicate, beautiful things and people. I've been blessed with this beautifully coloured mind and this strong, spirited body. Happiness is abounding and in easy reach, all the time. Yet why is it that I fail to reach?

There's a stuck in my head which is making me make poor choices.

I'm not choosing the great inspiring path to freedom and wonder.
Nor am I choosing the the spiralling slope to dispair.
I don't really seem to be choosing much of anything.

And knowing what to choose has always been my trouble, really.
What shall I choose?


Through the fog of the world, shapes and shadows played terror with his wild imagination.
Wide-eyed and on the edge of seat, every bump and lap of the boat on the water quickened his heavy heartbeats.
Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound. Fast and quick blood flowed through his veins.
Tighter, tighter, tighter, tighter choked the ghosts' hands around his heart.
Where is this place? What is this fog? And who are these ghosts who drown me?

Skin prickling, ice cold, all thought rushing away at speed,
an empty place remained. No longer fog, no longer darkness, but no clarity and no light in their place.
Who were these ghosts? What was this emptiness? What was this place..?