Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A 'Moment'

This morning: more evidence to support the argument that something is indeed wrong somewhere in the world of my mind.

Article of Evidence #1: I fail to stop and run into a taxi with no apparent reason.

This is on top of the many existing questionable behaviours and exeriences.

I seem unable to remember basic facts about my recent activities, and have a perception of time where the past, present and future appear to mix and toil into a single, messy, inconceivable 'moment'.

My limbs and actions often seem somehow disconnected from 'myself', they seem alien.

My vision itseld seems to be the second hand vision of an entity that isn't me, somehow blurry, fuzzy, and slanted.

What isthe cause of all of these things? When did they begin, or have they just always been this way? Is this in fact 'normal', and I've just yet to adjust?

I have no answers to these questions, so I float, endlessly, upon these swirling mists of this 'moment', and gaze at all upon me.

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