Sunday, April 12, 2009

Graft the Giraffe

I've just had a rather inspiring conversation with an old friend of mine who I've not spoken to in person since school. It's amazing but even through a relatively short Facebook comment I could feel clearly a sense of dedication, drive and commiment in him that was striking and admirable. It's something I think that's been missing from my life for a little while now.

I've made a decision, or rather a few decisions.

Basically I'm going to be more driven and committed.

These are the ways I'll start -

One. I'm going to start gyming well and getting fit. 3 times per week +. No excuses.

Two. I'm going to start a new blog (a second blog, to run along side this one). It's going to be all about observations on love. Stay tuned and Good evening ;)

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