Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wonderful Thought

Sitting in the taxi last night, driving home, it suddenly struck me how young I am, and at the same time how old I am.

I looked at Jessie, and remembered that I'm almost 2 years older than she is. And look at her, about to finish her first semester at uni, with me having not even started mine. She's so young. And in comparison, I'm so old. So far behind...

But there are other facets of life too, to consider, I suppose.

And besides, the point is - I'm starting it too, only 6 months later. So maybe I'm so young too.

The point is that there's no urgent rush to get somewhere fast, or to achieve something, or become something. I might have been focusing so much on those distant dreams recently that I've forgotten to enjoy the ride along the way. Well there's always time to remember, and my time may be now. ~ish.

A day at a time, and a step at a time, learning about this crazy old, wonderful world.

And I'm sure that somehow -
Before I cease to be, my pen and life's legacy will have glean'd this teeming mind.

NOTE for thought: If the mind is both conscious and unconscious, and the unconscious is infinite, then how can we ever glean it of all it's treasures? Second, why would you want to? As M Scott Peck writes, perhaps we shall all simply become Gods by opening ourselves to our minds. Perhaps..

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