Friday, June 12, 2009


Almost 600 calories of drink,
and that'll do for dinner.

But what will do?
Just.. what will do?

In a pathetic stupor he yells and yells at the starry skies... "What will do?!?"
And in that same pathetic stupor he whispers at the stars "What will do...?"


And so he floated lonely as a cloud,
And from that cloud, he viewed the world,
And in his eyes the world did shine.

The people, their actions, their thoughts and their smiles,
They ran along, day by day, helplessly following their paths -
And in his eyes the world did shine.

From his dark and cold and helpless corner,
in that bare concrete room, abandoned by years,
A smile betrayed him, and in his eyes the world did shine.

Years later, and years before,
upon a grassy pasture, up high in the fairy meadows,
In his eyes, and in the sunlight, the world did shine!

The world shines.

It turns and it shines until our flames burn out,
and new flames take our places.

The world shines and the world turns.

And in this moment,
and in this mind,
She shines.

She shines and she turns and in the hands of his mind he weighs her over to her very core,
and in his eyes she shines.

A Fountain of Love.
A Fountain of abundant and unending love.

A Fountain of purity and a fountain of hope.
A Fountain of care and a fountain of tenderness.

And in her eyes he saw pride.
He saw a faith in his future,
he saw a judgement of worth!

And her eyes taught him the value of self.
And her arms taught him the value of love.
And her mind taught him the value of imagination.

And in learning he rediscovered.
He was never empty, only lost.
His mind existed years before in the minds and remnants of all ages past.
And he was created from the mud of the dusts under the rain of the years.
And he grew and he was fed and he was nourished,
by the ever passing friends of the world.

Ever passing.
Never ending.
Only living.

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