Sunday, March 15, 2009

An unending swirl of happiness. How could it be?

I had a fantastic weekend =o)

Full seeing people I like and talking. Eating good food and sharing some drinks. Just lovely. I think I might just be getting a little better at this 'being social' business.

Besides that there much much dancing, twirling, laughing, smiling and sparkling eyes between Jessie and I. And that right there is why we're in love. Because we fit so well into a world where we come together in joy and in wonder. And many times these past 2 days, like in all days, I've noticed at the oddest moments that we're two people sharing a moment or a space, and it's wonderful to think about how we came to be this way. It's wonderful to think about how two separate people came to be in a world and a life so full of love and sharing with another.

On another note, yesterday was pie day. We had chocolate and banana pies, vege curry pies, spinach and cheese pies and we would even have had pumpkin pies had they not sold out. Had there still been any at the Gray Street Garage Sale that it. But at least we got to listen to the festive music of the wonderful Barbara Lockyer. An interesting character that one. And oh how she reminds me of her daughter who I love.


I've never spoken or written of Jessie as a daughter before. Not that I can remember at least. It's lovely.

I might just go give her a kiss. ;)

PS: Listening to I Cellisti - Celli Beans, and it's wonderful too.

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