Monday, March 29, 2010

Music That Moves

Having all my old music on shuffle, it's hard to believe anyone could move, tied up in so many limiting lyrics and mantras. "I need you", "they can't", "without you I'm nothing", "you're my all", "I'm so down".

So instead, I switched on some uplifting, joyous, life-celebrating melodies of Mike Oldfield.

Ahh, the bliss.

I feel it's true that we're a product of the environment we place ourselves in.
More and more each day, I see more clearly the man I want to be.
More and more each day, I'm building that environment.
And by being in that process, I feel more alive than ever.
Happier than ever.

Joy, the world, life, everything - it's all mine, all in my hands.


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