Monday, March 22, 2010


I was preparing coffee with a friend when it came -
the most terrific, relieving storm I can remember;
Glorious, Beautiful, Untameable nature - at her best.

When we got to the airport for our coffee date,
we looked out onto the tarmac from the viewing platform,
and the scene flew. The music swallowed us,
and the actors were performing at their absolute best.

Thunder which made your heart melt,
and your blood smile.

Lighting which shone through your eyes,
and lit up your soul.

Rain pounding on glass and through onto skin,
screaming at you that you're alive.

Running out into her wonderful embrace,
answering those calls,
my soul might have cried.




And now at home once more,
every second status on Facebook is of flooding,
damage, and stress.

But oh for the beauty.
Oh for the glory.

Oh for life.

It's times like this a good camera would come in handy,
but here she is, giving her final bow for the evening.

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