Friday, January 1, 2010

A Guide To Life

And if we are but threads in this great tapestry then what are we to do?

Be as colourful and magnificent sir, as you can or ever could - possibly be.

But what is it to be magnificent? By what measure would you judge magnificence?

Well by the capacity of the magnificent or the not-so-magnificent to drop the jaws of those who behold it my dear.

Wouldn't that depend entirely on the beholder?

Yes but are we not all of the same 'stuff'? Shouldn't we all react and act in the world just like any other person? Are we not all human?

We are all human but we are all conditioned by the environment in which we have grown. One who loves bicycles now may have hated them if she was born in some distant land, where only murderers and thieves rode bicycles. Where one person may look upon their local pizza boy as the image of all magnificence, for another those feelings may only rise for the lonely cod who swims off the shore.

So are we to be the cod or the pizza boy? To what end shall we aspire?

Aspire to nothing. You are already magnificent.

But what if I already aspire? Am I still magnificent then?

Yes darling.


The world is your pallette, your dressing room, your library and your stage. Paint your set and costumes with the whims which guide you, choose the story which chooses you, and act my dear, just act.

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