Sunday, November 1, 2009


Listening to this album is a little bit inspiring. The melodies are simply quite... playful. And as I feel the music I can't help but feel a little playful myself.

I've often thought my life might be a little more lovely if I would simply play more. Life's a game after all, and we're just playing - aren't we? Let's get a little less serious and a little more wonderful.

And besides, this all reminds me of a similar feeling I felt after seeing these girls -

It's a wonderful feeling - being encouraged to be loud, vocal, primal and instinctual. I guess it's a stretching of your boundaries. A night of debauchary where you completely release the constraints of everyday acceptable behaviour - then the next day, you might just feel a little looser - a little less constrained and a little more free and open in your actions.

I think I need a good dance. Can't wait to be better!

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Snake Charmer said...

ahh i loved this post :) i can most definitely do with a little less seriousness