Friday, November 27, 2009

Everything New

We're moving office over the weekend, and this afternoon I stole a sneak peak at our new home away from home. Cleaner, brighter, more spacious and full of the excitement which always come along with anything 'new'.

That excitement stayed with me for over an hour after I'd left the scene, it fed me and nourished me, and gave me new vigor. Suddenly I look forward to going into the office on Monday, much like I had when this was a 'new' job. I'm full of that feeling of infatuation you get as you get to know something, or someone new.

If only we could maintain that excitement and enthusiasm, always. Imagine how much more productive we'd be! Imagine how much 'happier' we might be in our relationships?

But then there's the age old wisdom - would she sheen seem less shiny if there was never anything dull? Would the brightness seem less splendid if there was never any darkness?

Perhaps we need these rips and lulls, these highs and lows, these yings and yangs.
In fact I'm sure we do.

They add colour to our lives and are what enable us to 'feel'. The boredom associated with adventures tried and tried is what inspires new adventures. The quiet that follows new lust is what allows for deeper connection. The depression in our lives - months, days and hours - is what forces new growth.

But all that said, I can't help but imagine a world where everything is exciting and 'new' - even if it isn't new. Imagine every bright hello you could offer and receive, as if meeting for the first time - full of possibility and opportunity.


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controlled chaos said...

I know what you mean. When something good or exciting happens to you, everything around you feels special.

And it would be great if we were always like that. I would imagine that's how it feels when you're constantly traveling. But even for people like that life has its routines and boring parts.

Interesting post.