Sunday, November 22, 2009

All Yours, All Mine.

The more I think about these puppet strings I often speak of, the more I realise, they're always there, we're always there, and nothing much changes.

When you think about it, and even when you don't think about it,
the freedom is breathtaking isn't it?

The freedom to do whatever on earth it is we want to do?
And pretty soon whatever off earth we wish to do too.

You may say we can't do anything, that sometimes you need money or time or 'more freedom'.

You're free to create those things.

Anything your heart desires...
well - to be frank - the resources are there for you to take those things.
But you may have to create them first.

Fun Times.
Good Times.
Good Clothes.
Good Music.
Good Theatre.
A Clean Conscience.
A Healthy, Beautiful Body.

It's all there. Right now. And it's all yours.

& it's all mine ;)

*Takes a step into the future*

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