Monday, August 24, 2009


Running through the darkness, lights rushing past and sweat trickling down my face and my body... I remember.

I remember the life this can give. I remember the ease with which it can wipe the confusion from your mind, and give you peace; clarity.

And maybe it wasn't just the running, in fact it was almost certainly also the Ben Lee I had on.

Lyrics about love, and oneness. Lyrics which resonate so strongly with my heart and soul that perhaps it's those vibrations that tear the clutter from my mind. Who knows.

But now once more I feel centered. At one with the world.

I remembered also the quick switch, that can be found in facing death in your own mind. Only for a moment, but enough to bring you to see things in scale. You are only as important as the trees, or the grass, or the clouds. And it's as natural as anything to love.

Once I thought that I must find love and give love. I thought I must seek oneness and create oneness in the world.

Love and oneness are here. They are everywhere inside us, everywhere outside of us, and everywhere between here and there, joining us like everything else in this universe.

So I open my eyes and I see. I feel it and I let it guide my actions.

Love. Oneness.

But how to keep this feeling? How to keep this clarity?

More books? More music? More running?

What about someone to share it with? Someone to glut my desire to put things into logical and verbally expressed capsules of understanding. I can understand now why people turn to a church. But a church is too dogmatic for me. Too rigid for my free spirited soul right?

Perhaps I simply need my own rituals. Rituals which will be my spirituality. My portal to the oneness, to God.

Running every morning in the darkness. That seems like a good start.

Holding the saying strong in my heart, that "I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer not neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again". And perhaps I can extend that kindness to all existing creatures. Perhaps.

So so far I have be good and kind, that is,

Be loving

I have running, which may be simplified into saying let me

Be active and striving, both physically and thoughtfully.

Those seem like a good 2 commandments for my personal religion. What else? Other than my running, what other rituals may I take up?

The strongest that comes to mind is one that reminds me of this gift of life.

Wake each morning with the words on my lips: "I am completely amazed with this gift I have today."

Another that comes to mind is to

Be always smiling

And in an attempt to experience and grow and to learn fully - to

Always be wanting so see things from the other persons point of view

My point of view is relatively easy. It's in my mind. I will grow much more and satisfy my social hunger far more greatly if I am curious about others.

And these will be enough for now.

While she's here I think I'll kiss Jessie as much as I possibly can. But that's more of a personal thing =p Not that it isn't all personal stuff. =/

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