Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To Start a Day.

Wearing my thick, black Wing Lee cotton cardigan I can't help but feel a little more of the better me, and a little less of the worse.

Positive and joyous is how I feel.

I woke in a cradle of all kinds of love; Filial, romantic, erotic, unconditional love. Love between I and Chloe, Love between Daphne and her, Love between them and Jessie, and Love between Jessie and I. Circles of love, and mountains of love, in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our actions and in the air.

What a perfect way to start the day =o)

I made my fresh carrot and apple juice, I packed the soup I cooked so lovingly last night so I could take it for lunch, and I sat under the hum of the bus and read. I fell into the cool crisp morning and basked in the light blue sky and sunny warmth.

I played with my workmates and am now settling into some good work, with a good attitude.

This is the way to start a day.

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