Monday, February 23, 2009

Second Look

Sitting at work, I'm lightly thinking over me, my week and my days - my life. Only lightly thinking though, like a girl lightly brushing her fingers across a lavender bush as she ambles along a path.

I'm content, but with rushes of towering joy and jagged frustration. They come, constant and unabating. They ripple the surface of something deeper. From experience I'd call that 'something deeper' a discontended soul. But what would I know?

I've grown, surely. I've learnt and developed and I have an evolved view point compared to that I had 3 years past.

3 years past, the beginning of my adult life. What have I achieved?

1. I've got a more rounded idea and concept of love.
2.I've got a lover who I love, who I respect and cherish.
3. I've got a property that's almost funding itself, and that will grow a into a nice little security blanket and launch pad one day.
4. I've got 2 darling cats who I love.
5. I've been on a few holidays - Singapore, Hong Kong, KL, Melbourne, Bali.
6. I've got experience at WA Business News, dealing with businesses and developing more of a feel for things.
7. I've had experience at Westnet where I saw and learnt from my first corporate environment.
8. I've maintained 1 semi-decent friendship from school. Which other than J is my only real one.
9. I'm gradually getting closer to my family.

What are my opportunities from here, short term?
1. I'll focus on, develop, and strengthen my relationship with Jessie Steolwinder, who I must remember is a separate person to me.
2. I will go to uni second semester and develop some keen skills, to match my desire and ambition.
3. This will also allow me to develop some really important new friendships and grow my own circle of friends.
4. I'll pay off some debt.
5. When I can afford to I'll join a club or class with people of my own age, so I can again grow more friends.
6. I'll start keeping this blog maintained, to keep me focused and clear.

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