Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Eve | Wednesday | A day.

Update on my New Year's Eve Wednesday.

Woke up. Kissed a girl.

Watched a girl getting ready and hummed appreciatively in my mind.

Got up. Made Chai tea and drunk it from my mug while walking to the bus stop, escorting my woman.

Spent time online, on facebook and on little nothings.

Made a plan for money and was happy with it.

Finalised my housemate's leaving, and paved the way for a new one.
Cleaned the house. Spick and span, and shiny enough to force a smile out of the toughest critic.

Spent many moments patting, stroking and playing with cats, who spent the day sunning and stretching; and generally just lazing about.

Picked up a girl with another kiss and stole her home.
Danced/Played/Tickled a little.

Now listening to the Cardigans on my sheeny clean desk, and thinking about playing DDR...

- Getting ready.
- Making vege-sausage rolls.
- Getting to the party.


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