Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farmer McDougall's Animal Pen.

One day a goat walked up to a rabbit in its pen and noticed that the rabbit was eating its carrot ridiculously quickly, so he opens his mouth and words spilled out.

"Hey Rabbit, how come you're eating that goddamn carrot so freaking fast?"

And the Rabbit said - " Bless you!".
And she continued munching away.

Meanwhile the Goat wasn't satisfied, no not satisfied at all. "What sort of answer is that!?"

And from the rabbit came the steady continued sound of ridiculously quick munching.

And so the Goat grabbed one of the carrots with his teeth and began to chew in bewildered frustration. And he immediately realised that he was not in fact chewing, but that the carrot was forcing itself into and through his mouth, remarkably quickly.

And on the face of the small little rabbit was a sly and devious grin. "Bless you!".

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incendiaryjessie said...

you make little to no sense. ;) lovelove.