Sunday, May 16, 2010

Norwegian Inspiration

I went to a study date with my group partner for Entepreneurship 300 yesterday. He's from Norway and the more I think on it, the more impressed I am with their house and their lifestyle.

The house

Everything is meticulously purposeful.

Considering it's a hosue of 5 guys, it's really very clean.

There's at least 2 palm trees in every room,
there's also a desk, a bed, and a wardrobe.

In the kitchen, there's neat stacks of staples on ever shelf -
tuna, beans, eggs, protein powder, juice, cereal, fruit,
everything a growing man needs.

There's neat tables, chairs and sofas,
just where you need them.

Looking into the backyard, there's a well made, home built tropical bar,
with even a blackboard to post what's available when they have parties.
In true entrepreneurial spirit there's a money box too, so you can pay for what you take.

Then a little further on into the yard,
you'll see a proud well made, home built sign pronouncing - "Gold's Gym".
And under it is a collection of any and all the gym equipment you could want to build a Godlike physique.

The lifestyle
Forget about the surfing, entrepreneurial parties, exercise and socialising -
they had me at the word 'sailing'.

All in all it was pretty inspiring.
Here's to the life ahead!

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