Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Golden Boys

I've never professed to being a Photoshop expert, or in this case a Paint expert - so please forgive the image.

These fine young gentleman you see before you, are a brotherhood of friends recently coined as The Golden Boys. I'm not sure where the title came from, but I heard on the weekend for the first time, and I've been told it's due the 'wholesome' activities we undertake together.

From rock climbing, to kite flying, to coffee dates, to discussing big ideas - we're young men, each determined to be the best men we can be in our own ways.

I really appreciate their company, their stories, their energy and their ideals - and for 3 of them, I even appreciate their swinging dance moves! ;)

I look forward to seeing how each of us grows and where we all end up. Who knows, the troupe may even grow as times goes by.

May the bro-mance continue!

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