Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Everything is Clear

He runs in strong and measured paces, with a determined but happy smile.
In the glass before him he can see his form rise and fall, rise and fall.
He can feel his breath moving, his chest too rising, falling, rising, falling...

Beads of sweat meander through his hair, then drip, drip, drop,
down onto his neck and down the rest of his body,
his skin glows gently in the soft artificial light.

He savours the sight of his toned musles, sliding and contracting under his skin.
It's a sight that reminds him that after all, he's just another wild beast in this world.

The point arrives.

Chemicals begin to trace themselves through every tunnel and cavity in his body.

The neurons start to dance through his brain.

He is once more, born into the world, new, and fresh.

Everything is clear.

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