Thursday, May 7, 2009

All in place



Things don't always go to plan. Things aren't going as I'd planned.

Let's breathe. Let's look left, right and far. Let's gain perspective.

Who am I? Marc.

What do I want to be? A gentleman, a romantic, a thinker, an adventurer and an entrepreneur.

What do I value? Refinement, romance, thought, experience and achievement.

What are my current three affirmations? I'm friendly, I'm patient, and I'm full of energy.

What do I want to do eventually?
- Be wealthy to fund bigger adventures,
- be balanced and more refined,
- be more focussed, passionate and romantic,
- be wiser, more well read and always hungry for learning,
- to start enterprises that will require my creativity, inspire others and create my wealth.

What will I do to get there?
- Surround myself with people who have similar goals and values,
- go to university to learn the key skills I need for my future enterprises,
- focus daily, on the character I wish to be,
- remember to live the smaller adventures,
- keep fit and healthy.

What will I do now to get there?
- Relax, meditate and still my mind,
- I'll pat cats,
- hold Jessie, be held by her, kiss her and feel her heart beat.
- talk with her about dreams.

And tomorrow?
I'll kiss my girl good morning, I'll pat cats.
I'll go to the gym.
I'll go to work.
I'll read on my lunch break.
I'll share a nice evening with family in the evening.

I'm happy and I need to remember that.
I'm in love and I'm loving; I'm not only loving to Jessie, but to myself and to those around me.

All will be well, for all is well, and exactly as it needs to be for the next steps.


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