Friday, November 21, 2008

An Afternoon

Sitting on my bed at 4.11pm, I'm thinking about the productivity of my day.
At a glance I feel as though it's not been very.

But I woke in the arms of a loved one, with another loved one curled around my head, and another one by my feet.

I lazed and dressed, and walked to breakfast as 12, Tomato and feta on toast with black coffee.
Relatively healthy, filling, and fueling.

I stopped at the Asian deli and bought some Mee Goreng, and stopped at the record store and decided to begin a search for a record player.

We went for ice cream at Rifo's and ran jubulently home through the rain. Laughing, yelling, singing and relishing in fleeting touches.

I had some kisses and listened to some lovely music. I got some more music.

I lazed some more with the kittens and watched the latter half of I am Sam.

and now it's 4.15pm and I feel relaxed. Perhaps a little restless.

My batteries are recharging and my soul is easing in the saddle of my life, readjusting and recalculating.

A shower and some serious "Doll up" time is on the cards me think. For tonight after all, is another night.

Love x

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